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When You’re Ready to Start, Test
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Save time and money by preventing attacks on your business. Our four areas of expertise
(monitoring, testing, incident response, digital forensics) are designed to bring you and your business peace of
mind. Hover over the images below to learn more about what each cyber security area has to offer you.

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Penetration Testing and Assessments

Let us be your red, blue, or purple team. With a variety of testing methods from full scale penetration testing to a simple scan, we can keep you secure.

learn more about testing your security

Network Monitoring Solutions

We can give you the tools to monitor yourself, watch your network for you, or even put an engineer in your building to monitor from the inside.

learn more about monitoring your network
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Incident Response and Breach Assessment

Under attack? Incident response and data breach recovery is second nature to our team of forensic experts. Need to create a plan? Our tabletop exercises and IR plans have you covered.

Learn about planning and responding to a hack

Digital Forensics

Whether you’re with a law firm, business, or an individual, we can help. Mobile forensics, expert witness, rogue employees. You name it, we do it.

Learn about digital and legal forensics
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The Risk

Last year 32% of breaches involved a phishing attack.

The average cost of a phishing attack for a medium company is on average 1.6 million dollars.


cyber security for any industry

a few industries we serve

Hackers don’t discriminate. Whether you’re in education, manufacturing, banking, government, or other professional services, you
need to stay secure. Alias has worked with a wide variety of different industries. We would love for you to call us to start planning
or enhancing your cyber security; not because your business was hacked. But if you have been hacked, we can help. Just give us a call.

here's the proof

testimonials by industry

“It is important that our data is secure at all times and we needed someone with the skills and expertise to review our systems. We turned to Alias to perform our penetration test. They were able to quickly scan our systems and determine what changes we needed to make.”


“Alias’ extensive knowledge and experience in the realm of social engineering has helped us improve and maintain a dynamic information security training program.”


“Alias performed network penetration, segmentation, and vulnerability scans for our PCI audit.  I found the process to be thorough and painless.  Whenever the auditors had questions the team at Alias would jump on a call with us to answer them.  I would highly recommend them for all of your testing needs!”


“We needed an internal network monitoring solution that didn’t involve increasing staff numbers. After evaluating several other options, Spark was the perfect solution 24/7 monitoring at a reasonable price. Alias integrated Spark into our existing network easily and the real-time monitoring has added a valuable layer of protection, improving the bank’s cyber security program.”



Donovan Farrow, Founder & CEO of Alias
Chief Executive Officer
Donovan Farrow

Andrew Noland, Chief Operating Officer of Alias
Chief Operating Officer
Andrew Noland

Wayne Kimberling, Chief Information Security Officer for Alias
Chief Information Security Officer
Wayne Kimberling

Bo Bekendam, Chief Technology Officer for Alias
Chief Technology Officer
Bo Bekendam

Teddie Underkoffler, Creative Director for Alias
Creative Director
Teddie Underkoffler

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