Cyber Security Is Not An Option

Nobody is immune to cyber attacks. Thankfully, we’re here to help.
We help companies prevent and respond to attacks.

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Our bread and butter


Our range of cyber security products and services leave no space for bad actors


Let us be your red, blue, or purple team. With a variety of testing methods from full scale penetration testing to a simple scan, we can keep you secure.

Incident Response

Under attack? Incident response and data breach recovery is second nature to our team of forensic experts. Need to create a plan? Our tabletop exercises and IR plans have you covered.


We can give you the tools to monitor yourself, watch your network for you, or even put an engineer in your building to monitor from the inside.

Digital Forensics

Whether you’re with a law firm, business, or an individual, we can help. Mobile forensics, expert witness, rogue employees. You name it, we do it.

The Risk

Last year 32% of breaches involved a phishing attack.

The average cost of a phishing attack for a medium company is on average 1.6 million dollars.


who are you with?

a few industries we serve

Don't see your industry? Don't feel left out. We can still work together on your cyber security!


Chief Executive Officer
Donovan Farrow

Chief Operating Officer
Andrew Noland

Chief Information Security Officer
Wayne Kimberling

Bo Bekendam
Chief Technology Officer
Bo Bekendam

Creative Director
Teddie Underkoffler

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