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So who is Alias?

Cybersecurity is no longer an option. With the massive growth and adaption of technology, businesses today need to be more aware of how they store and secure their data. Now is the time, more than ever, to have your computer network checked for security flaws by one of the best cyber security, pen testing and digital forensic consultants in the nation. We’ll find your security flaws and help you fix them. Protect your business from future attacks.

We’re cybersecurity and digital forensics consultants dedicated to improving the security and protection of communities, businesses, and individuals. Our core services include security testing, monitoring, assessments, and incident response. Some people know Alias as a penetration testing group, others know us because of our litigation and digital forensics work. The reality is, we’re a cybersecurity business that strives to help our clients understand and improve their operation.

Why we exist

With the growth of technology, new cybersecurity threats are on the rise.

What we do

Alias assesses your current cybersecurity structure and provides actionable items on how it can be strengthened to withstand old and new threats.

How we do it

Our team of personable and highly educated engineers and consultants work with you to ensure your business’ cybersecurity is up to standard.

Meet the MGMT Team

Donovan Farrow, Founder & CEO of Alias
Chief Executive Officer

Donovan Farrow


Todd Coates

Chief Operations Officer
Chief Operations Officer

Andrew Noland

Andrew Lemon Principal Security Engineer
Principal Security Engineer

Andrew Lemon

Creative Director
Creative Director

Teddie Underkoffler

Why us?

You could go with any other cybersecurity provider… so why choose us?

Because people come first. Regardless of how technical cybersecurity and attacks become – we’re all human. Using a focused cybersecurity partner allows the experience to be customized to your needs. Our highly qualified technical staff consistently focuses on technology and security methods, but our business is helping others and working with people to protect what is important.

  1. Our team is comprised of experts in their respective fields that are passionate about what they do and how they deliver.
  2. Our size allows us to be nimble and build relationships with our customers.
  3. Even the most technical people on our team understand the importance of communication and helping educate and increase understanding.
  4. Having technical experts that are passionate about what they do and who focus on working with our customers delivers the best overall quality, experience, security, and results.

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Specialized cybersecurity and response.
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