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Whether you’re an individual, company, or law firm, we’ve got your digital forensics needs covered.
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Avoid possible court sanctions or fines by having the necessary data through forensic imaging. Forensic imaging ensures the preservation of device data and metadata. It freezes the device data and provides an in-depth look at the device. If you’re served a preservation order, legal hold or are responding to a discovery request, reach out. Our digital forensics team is comprised of industry experts. We can get you the information you need.


Data recovery is one of our most cut and dry services. No job is too small or too great. Need old photos recovered? Text messages? That important report you promised your boss they would have by the end of the week but it’s already Wednesday evening and you accidentally deleted it? We’ve got your back. In fact, if our team is unable to recover any data, there will be no charge.

A hard drive covered in mud sent in for data recovery

Yeah, we recovered the data.


You can tell a lot about a person through their phone: hobbies, schedule, friends, location. Sometimes, people don’t want something found, so they delete it. Luckily, our team are mobile forensic experts. We can recover data and create timelines based on your phone data with our forensic tools. Cases include cheating spouses to legal battles to digital theft to basic data recovery. Whether you’re an individual, a company, a government agency, or a law firm, Alias can help with your digital forensics needs.


Computer forensics is like our mobile forensics service. The main difference being, well, this is for computers and other devices, not only phones. During a typical analysis, we recover deleted data, run dirty word or hotdoc lists against the created index. The result is an in-depth client report highlighting our certified digital examiner’s findings. Our processes are forensically sound. No data will be tampered with during a forensic investigation.

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