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exchange zero-day detection

todayMarch 5, 2021

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Exchange zero-day detection

Exchange zero-day vulnerability detection If you think you were impacted from the Exchange zero-day vulnerability, you can run the list of IPs below in Virus Total to search for any potential indicators of compromise. PowerShell scripts for hunting threats: Download them here. NMAP script for hunting vulnerable servers and validating [...]

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Incident Response





ransomware is on the rise

Don't get caught unprepared

Incident Response

If you are experiencing a security incident right now and need immediate help, call our incident response team at 405-261-9517. Time of day doesn’t matter. Waiting until the workweek to call could be detrimental to your business. Call the Alias team. We can have boots on the ground, investigating within four hours. Don’t wait.

Incident Response Plan

Do you know what to do during a data breach? If you’re unsure, don’t worry. We can help. Our team can help you put together a incident response plan designed specifically for your business. Whether you’re big or small, this plan will serve as your incident response road map. In the event of a breach, you’ll feel confident you know how to steer your business, protect your employees, and save money.

IR Retainer

The best time to prepare for a cybersecurity incident is before it happens. You don’t want to have to worry about who to call and what time they can arrive. With an incident response retainer, you can rest easy knowing our team is on standby. This approach reduces response time and the overall cost of a breach. Faster response time means your business is down for a shorter amount of time, saving not only time but also other business costs.

Tabletop Exercises

Tabletop exercises are a great way for your team to prepare for an incident. Grab your team and run through a real scenario to see how you would handle the pressure. It’s better to have a plan and never use it then discover you need a plan when it’s too late. no matter your business size or industry, we can create a specific scenario for you based on real cases.

Breach Assessments

In the aftermath of a data breach there are some common questions that needed to be answered.

check Did we actually block the hackers from further attacks?

check Did they steal any information?

check How did we get breached?

check Was this targeted?

check Do we need to report this to any agency or law enforcement?

Recovering from a breach is tough. Save yourself some stress by letting our team create a breach analysis. We can put together an in-depth timeline of what occurred and how as well as ensure all remediation steps are completed. Rest easy and know the same breach won’t occur again.

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