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Monitoring Solutions


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network security

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Need an IDS / IPS tool?

Learn more about our Spark network security tool; fully customizable to fit your cyber security needs.

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Security Operations Center


24/7 Human Monitoring

Alias’ Secure Operations Center provides our clients with expert security monitoring on a 24/7 basis via our Spark or SIEMarc platforms. Alias has integrated our 24/7 monitoring with other security products, in order to ensure that our clients are not locked into just one product.

This monitoring service was created by industry leaders in the incident response world and allows an incident handler to ensure the data is collected, investigated and produced in a forensically sounds manner.


Managed Security Service Provider

Let us handle it

Many of Alias’ clients have choose to outsource all or most of their information security fictions to our group. This feature allows companies to focus more on business then worry about the day to day security threats.

This service not only provides top tier information security assistance but allows for you to save money on projects, wages and over head from employees.

Our MSSP service can be customized to fit any information security, incident response, or digital forensic need.

boots on the ground

Onsite Security Consultant

network security from your office

The information security world can be confusing and making the wrong decision can cost you millions! That is why it is important to have one of our Alias Onsite Security Consultants. Our dynamic team has assisted with a variety of audits, health checks, monitoring, advisement and management projects provided by our clients. These engagements could have a life span of one month or a few years. If you would like an Onsite Security Consultant we can provide you with the best in the industry.