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todayDecember 17, 2021

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L33T or Lame: A Hacker Tool Review

“Top 10 Gifts for the Hacker in Your life” articles are incredibly common. But how do you know if some of the tools listed are actually worthwhile?  We recently sat down with two of our security engineers to talk about different gadgets and tools of the trade on this week’s [...]

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spark insight




Intrusion Prevention System

Our intelligent rich signatures of known vulnerabilities and data breach behavior provides your company with the protection it requires and the auditors request.

Orange and yellow Spark Insight monitoring solution logo


Alias’ Spark Insight technology features 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC) monitoring via signature base anomaly detection to locate and eradicate all malicious activity.


check Malware/Virus

check Command and Control

check Compromised Websites

check Phishing

check IP Theft

Human Monitoring

In order to effectively protect a computer network a company cannot only rely on automation alone. Spark Engineers work around the clock to stop threats via our Security Operations Center.


Get control of your data by obtaining notifications when someone moves data from your environment.


Threat Feeds

Spark has multiple threat feeds to ensure your company has the latest information on current and emerging threats across various industry platforms.

Add Ons

check Ad Blocker

check Email Spam Blocker

check HTTPS Inspection

check VPN Support

check Content Filter

89% of all Spark installations have identified an unknown threat within 48 hours after deployment.

Dashboard Preview


“We needed an internal network monitoring solution that didn’t involve increasing staff numbers. After evaluating several other options, Spark was the perfect solution 24/7 monitoring at a reasonable price. Alias integrated Spark into our existing network easily and the real-time monitoring has added a valuable layer of protection, improving the bank’s cyber security program.”

Matt - Banking Industry