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todayDecember 17, 2021

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L33T or Lame: A Hacker Tool Review

“Top 10 Gifts for the Hacker in Your life” articles are incredibly common. But how do you know if some of the tools listed are actually worthwhile?  We recently sat down with two of our security engineers to talk about different gadgets and tools of the trade on this week’s [...]

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Alias Security Knowledge (ASK) are services focused on improving awareness and educating people regarding cyber security topics. The ASK flagship service is an engaging awareness program powered by Ninjio content. Hacking the human is real – attackers or scammers try to trick us into providing them information we should not or even disclosing our passwords.

Five Minutes Per Month

Don’t get bogged down with lengthy or boring training. In approximately five minutes each month your team can increase their cyber awareness and improve your security. ASK episodes are animated and story based to keep them interesting and engaging. Moreover, they cover real-life scenarios and increase awareness!

Fully Hosted and Managed System

Let Alias help you keep your team educated with this turn-key solution. You provide the students, we manage the process, and employees, customers, data, and systems get better protection!

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Alias Security Knowledge (ASK) are services focused on improving awareness and educating people regarding cyber security topics. But the question you may get ASKED is does it work. If Social Engineering is how the human gets hacked, how do we know that our staff is ready?

ASK Phish

The ASK Phish service allows you to periodically test your team and get detailed reports! Alias has multiple scenarios pre-defined but can also work with you to develop tests that are specific to your needs. Phishing is one example of the Social Engineering assessments Alias can perform, and because it is so common, we recommend using the ASK Awareness Training monthly and the ASK Phish simulations each quarter.

Proactive Reinforcement

We encourage you to use ASK Phish so you and your team know what to expect, and how to avoid true attacks. The engagement is educational and not designed to embarrass, make people feel bad, or fear the security program. ASK Phish reinforces training and inspires people to be vigilant!

Do you know the impact of a phishing attack?

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